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Life is too short to be “Cereal” I always say. So here is some more silly or corny jokes. Take a moment to laugh and just enjoy life.

1. How do you fix a broken Tomato?

2. Why was TIGGER in the bathroom?

3. What did the Judge say to the Skunk?

The answers are below the next article.


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It is nice to be recognized by your peers or a trade journal in your industry. That is what happened to Balloons by Absolute Value this month.

Of the thousands of photos submitted, our photo was one of twelve to be selected and published in the August edition of their magazine and web site.  The above decor was selected to be published by Party and Paper, a trade journal for the party industry for it’s uniqueness and craftsmanship.

We at Balloons by Absolute Value consider this to be quite an honor and a feather in our cap. Thanks goes out to Regis High School who challenged us to create this amazing backdrop. Once again our customers have made Balloons by Absolute Value the best balloon decorator in Colorado.

Go to the Cool Decor Tab and see other amazing decor.


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Well folks here are the answers to my jokes of the month. But first I must answer one of your questions, the answer is “NO”, I don’t huff the Helium and think it is funny, huffing is dangerous.

1. How do you fix a broken Tomato?
            Answer #1: With Tomato Paste.

2. Why was TIGGER in the bathroom?

            Answer #2: He was looking for Pooh.

3. What did the Judge say to the Skunk?

            Answer #3: Odor in the Court.


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Elegant Columns – fun and unique decor 

A combination of latex and mylar balloons that provide a stylish and classy look for any event.  It can be used at an entrance as well as to frame or create a focal point for your event.  This air-filled design has specific and clean lines that is real eye candy for sure……..


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Today, August 1st is a memorable day for me. Twenty years ago today I sold my first balloon bouquet. Yup, this is Balloons by Absolute Value’s 20th anniversary. Never did I think I would be doing this 5 years later let alone 20 years later.

For those who don’t know the story behind Balloons by Absolute Value, I will give you the condensed version. It all started 21 years ago when I was at an auction of a party goods store. I was there to buy stuff to sell at the flea market, I was really slow at loading my truck and I was the only buyer left at the auction.

When the auctioneer said “Damn, I forgot to auction the balloon stuff” he then said “Charlie, do you have a twenty dollar bill?” The answer was “Yes”. So I bought a bunch of balloons, inflators and a couple small helium tanks.

That’s right, my investment to start my business was only twenty dollars. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Well the balloon stuff sat in my basement for almost a year, when one day in May I said to my partner Sandy “Let’s start a balloon bouquet delivery business”. So I bought a thirty-five dollar a month ad in the yellow pages.

We practice making balloon bouquets and developed pricing and waited for the phone books to be delivered and the phones to ring soon after. Back then there were almost two hundred balloon companies, a lot of them were strip-o-grams or singing deliveries. I didn’t fit either of those categories, so I was going to offer the best balloon bouquets possible.

Our first call came on August 1st, we were real happy campers. I was able to make that delivery within an hour. That one delivery got us our next order, the companies Halloween party. Never did one before, but that didn’t stop me, I came home and planned one. That party was a huge hit and I was hooked on balloons and meeting great people.

Back in the day, there was no internet to learn from. I sent away for every magazine and catalog I could get my hands on. Also bought a few VCR videos to learn different techniques and styles. We learned the hard way, trial and error. It was truly a learning experience we will never forget.

Over the next nineteen years I got to meet tons of great people and worked for lots of great companies and organizations. To all my customers ” THANK YOU” for letting me and Balloons by Absolute Value be a part of your lives and events. I have learned a lot from all of you and I truly believe you have made Balloons by Absolute Value the greatest balloon company in Colorado.

I will never forget that day twenty years ago or all the other special occasions that I have been a part of in the last 19 years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart


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Rett’s Syndrome, never heard of it before, neither had I until a bunch of years ago. A young lady named Carole Benjamin called me and asked for a quote on a balloon arch. She began by telling me the colors as so many people do, pink and baby blue, those were her color choices.

I then began my list of questions to her. How is it to be used? Will it be used inside or outside? Now I needed to calculate the length of the arch. There is a basic formula to calculate the length of an arch. Width plus twice the Height will give you the total length of an arch.

Once the total length was calculated, the next questions were; where, when, and what time. Before I gave her a price I asked what the occasion or event was and Carole then told me it was a walk / run race for Rett’s Syndrome.

Carole explain to me what Rett’s Syndrome is a disorder of the nervous system that leads to development reversals, especially in language and hand use. Rett’s occurs almost exclusively in girls and may be misdiagnosed as autism or cerebral palsy. The condition affects about 1 out of 10,000 children.

The disease slowly progresses until the patient is a teenager. Then symptoms may improve. For example, seizures or breathing problems tend to lessen in late adolescence. Now I am no expert on this disease, but you can find out more about Rett’s Syndrome on the internet. Check it out…

Back to my story, I followed up with a call to Carole after the first race and asked how everything went. She told me that she was discouraged on the turn out and the amount of money that was raised. Carole also told me it was the first and last race she would ever do. A lot of years later, Carole, her family and friends have made the Walk-N-Roll an annual event that gets bigger and better each year. In my book Carole is a saint, other people would have just quit, but not Carole.

So if you happen to be around Clement Park in Littleton, Saturday, August 11th at around 8:00 am, do me a favor and walk or run for Carole Benjamin and Rett’s Syndrome. Tell Carole, you read about it on my blog, she will be a happy camper to see you and she will thank you for helping support this worth while cause.