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Well it is that time of the month to make you laugh again. This month we have more corn then in a corn field. Enjoy!

1. What kind of potato chips fly?

2. Why did the scientist take out his doorbell?

3. Why did the sea monster eat 5 ships that were carrying potatoes?

The answers to these jokes follow the next article.


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Balloon Columns for Davita, Hyatt Convention Center

Balloon columns are one part of the original classic balloon decor, the balloon arch is the other. Colorful, clean lines makes this versatile decor so powerful and eye catching.

There are so many ways a balloon column can be used and created, whether it’s Helium or air-filled for longer lasting displays it is sure to be eye candy for your event.

Balloon columns can be floor decor to frame a doorway or on a stage creating a focal point. Floating in what appears to be thin air to create attention or a special effect. The balloon column will add magic to your event.

The color scheme and design pattern is created to your taste, the spiral column seems to be the favorite of most. Don’t forget you can top off the column with a giant 3 foot balloon, a mylar balloon or even a gumball balloon, the choice is yours.

No wonder the Balloon Column is classic balloon decor, so very colorful and can be used in so many ways. For your next event, think how Balloon Columns might be added to your decor wish list.


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1. What kind of potato chips fly?

       Answer: Plane ones

2. Why did the scientist take out his doorbell?

       Answer: He wanted to win the no-bell prize

3. Why did the sea monster eat 5 ships that were carrying potatoes?

       Answer: No one can eat just one potato ship

Did I bring a smile to your face? Your turn to bring a smile to someone else by telling these jokes.


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Balloon arch at Belmar Center for the Festival Italiano
( Daddy, can we take all the balloons home with us )

One of the coolest festivals in Colorado is the Festival Italiano at the Belmar Center in Lakewood. It is free to attend and there is something for everyone. Italian culture at it’s best.

Food, food, and more food, all taste so great and affordable too. There is nothing like the homemade Italian cooking done here. So much to sample, I have a tough time making up my mind, as what to eat.

Vendor booths selling a lot of unique and cool stuff, a bird house made out of the corks from bottles of wine, now that is something you don’t see every day. There is more practical stuff of course you can buy, but I look for something that I can’t buy every day or every where.

Music and more music, dancing to traditional tunes by Sinatra, Dean Martin and lots of others. Grab a partner and dance the night away.

My favorite is the grape stomping, kids get in plastic containers of grape and stomp on them till they wine. Couldn’t resist the pun. Face painters will be there.

A bocce tournament and this year Flag Throwers will be flown in from Italy. Oops, I almost forgot the wine tasting.

Mamma Mia, there is so much to see and do. You won’t be disappointed by coming to this event. I can guarantee you will leave tired and your stomach will be full.

Plan to attend both days, September 8th and 9th. The people watching is also the best.