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Happy Halloween

        Frankenstein and Scarecrow balloon sculptures.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, yes, even better then Christmas. In the day, kids would dress up in home made costumes, my mom was so very creative in this department.

Dressed up as a cowboy, mummy, a bum, a soldier, Mickey Mouse or a gangster, so very cool. It was going with the gang trick or treating that made it so much fun.

In our neighborhood no one bought or wore a store made costume, not even the girls. Extra candy, if you had a great costume, I got lots of extra candy, thanks mom.

Today, Halloween is the second biggest consumer holiday, only Christmas is a head of it. Tons of different candies and costumes fill the racks of all the big box stores.

Inflatables and various accessories are abundant every where. Specialty stores with tons of neat stuff come and go quickly. That is why my favorite place to shop, is Fun Services, they have great stuff year around, not just for the Halloween season.

Each year Balloons by Absolute Value does a bunch of Halloween Parties, some very large and other are small in comparison.

Whether it be unique centerpieces, a balloon sculpture or a big spider shaped balloon drop. Balloons by Absolute Value can tailor make a Spooktacular event for you.

Check out our web site for things we have done in the past and then let us create something special for you this year.


The Lighter Side:

This months humor will be a Halloween theme…….Have fun with these!!! Someone suggested, I should write for Laffy Taffy, my jokes are funnier……Don’t know about that since I haven’t had any taffy in years…..

1. What do ghosts serve for dessert?

2. What kind of mistakes do ghosts make?

3. Why did the skeleton cross the road?

4. What do you say to a skeleton going on vacation?


Idea of the Month – Halloween Centerpieces


Spooktacular Halloween Centerpieces

Certain holidays are so much fun to make centerpieces for. Halloween is probably the easiest and most fun to make….

So many ideas and accessories are available. Spiders, bats, witches, ghosts, pumpkins or Jack-O Lanterns are just a few of the accessories available.

Check out our web site under the Centerpiece Tab for other examples….. Don’t see exactly what you want…..tell us, I am sure we can create that spooktacular centerpiece you are looking for.










The Lighter Side Answers

Well folks these answers might be a reach, but they are funny…….don’t ya think?

1. What do ghosts serve for dessert?
      Answer: Ice scream

2. What kind of mistakes do ghosts make? 
       Answer: Boo-boos

3. Why did the skeleton cross the road? 
       Answer: To get to the body shop!

4. What do you say to a skeleton going on vacation?
       Answer: Bone voyage!


Spotlight on the Race for the Cure


Balloon arch for the Race for the Cure, in the day !

As a lot of stories begin with “A Long Time Ago”, this one will be no different. A long time ago, in the Land of Denver, there is this charity race named, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

It is a run / walk race to raise funds to fight an ugly disease called breast cancer. This disease has no boundaries, it attacks both sexes, all age groups, all races and all religions.

A women called me about doing something for the race, she needed mile markers placed at each mile of the course. I long ago forgot this women’s name, cause this happened 19 years ago and she paid me in cash, also my records don’t go back that far.

The next year someone from the Susan G. Komen Foundation called again and wanted a balloon arch for the end of the race ceremonies. I am sorry I don’t have that women’s name either.Will move this story along, this year will make 19 years that Balloons by Absolute Value has been associated with the Race for the Cure. Something I am truely proud of.

Most of the Racers wouldn’t know who I am, because we start at 11:00 pm and are finished by 5:30 am. My dedicated crew has worked all these years in rain, severe wind and cold, to provide balloons for the dedicated women, men and children who walk and run to raise money to fight this ugly disease.

Well over 60,000 racers now, a far cry from the beginning a long time ago when they had about 3,500. Think that was a reach back then, giggling a little now.

Over the years the current race chairwomen Pat Reed and I have become very close friends. I can not say enough good things about her and her staff. Hats off to you Pat, thanks for letting Balloons by Absolute Value be a part of this race.

This years race will be at the Pepsi Center on October 7th.
So be there and help fight this awful disease. Please