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Spotlight on Auld Lang Syne


Balloons cascading down from one of our balloon drops

Well it is almost the end of the year and it won’t be long before we will be counting down the year and the balloons will cascade down from one of our balloon drops that we have hung.

As I am scurrying around with the last minute Christmas shopping, I am reminded that I still have lots to prepare for the end of the year crunch.

You might not know it, but we spend almost as much time preparing for an event as actually doing the event. There is the planning, purchasing of balloons and supplies and naturally scheduling of people and events. For everything to run smoothly we need a lot of help from Mother Nature, no snow storms to slow us down.

In some ways it reminds me of Christmas, checking my list twice, balloons are ordered and nets are made, my staff of elves is all scheduled for the big days to come. Like Santa I have prepared my route for the last days of the year, a big HO, HO here.

Before I close this years blog’s, I want to wish all of you a Happy Holiday and hope to see you next year. From all of us at Balloons by Absolute Value, thanks again for making this a great year.


Idea of the Month: Air-Filled Koosh Balls

Air-Filled Koosh Ball Centerpiece

Now I can’t take credit for coming up with this design, I saw it first on television. It was a marching unit in a parade, they had them strapped around their body. One solid color per marching member. An awesome look !

Since we have a Helium shortage, not for real, just away to make Helium more value and increase the price. Off topic now. I began to look for alternative air-filled options for centerpieces, the memory banks kicked in and we adapted what I saw in the parade to a centerpiece.

Air-Filled Koosh Balls are my kind of balloon decor. Colorful, abstract, whimsical and slightly over the top. They also are fun to make and bring the “WOW” factor to an event.

These long last centerpieces can be in multiple colors (shown in photo) or can be one solid color. Koosh Ball centerpieces are ideal for events at a conservative based Jewish synagogue, because they last so long. Of course you don’t have to be Jewish to use these centerpieces. Giggling a little here.

Air-Filled Koosh Balls can also be hung from the ceiling to give an amazing look. Think outside the box and see if the Air-Filled Koosh Balls could be used for your next event.


Spotlight on Holiday Cheer and Best Wishes

Today, I am splitting my blog into two parts, some Holiday Cheer ( The Lighter Side ) and best wishes for the Holidays.

The Lighter Side:

1. How does an Eskimo build his house?

2. Why don’t mountain get cold in the winter?

3. Where does a polar bear keep its money?

Holiday Best Wishes:

Happy Holidays ! It is once again the holiday season, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and of course New Year’s Eve. I know I probably missed some celebration in there, forgive me if I missed yours.

To all of you I wish you a happy holiday season, no matter what or how you observe it. For all of us I wish more tolerance of someone else’s believes that are different then our own. You know, we all would be in a better place, more Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Man if we just tried to know each other better.

So to each and everyone of you, myself and the staff at Balloons by Absolute Value wish you the very best Holiday Season ever.

The Lighter Side Answers: 

1. How does an Eskimo build his house?

       Answer: With igloo

2. Why don’t mountains get cold in the winter?

       Answer: They wear snowcaps

3. Where does a polar bear keep its money?

       Answer: In a snow bank