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    Black Cat Arch for American Assoc of Feline Practitioners

The nation trade journal for the balloon and party industry, Party and Paper has once again selected one of Balloons by Absolute Value balloon decor to be featured in their magazine ( January 2013 issue ).

This is the second time in less then a year that our work has been selected over the thousands of balloon decor submitted to them.

It is quite an honor for us to have our decor picked over so many other talented balloon decorators. Twice in one year is totally amazing.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners holds its national convention every year around Halloween. They were looking for unique Halloween balloon decor for their convention theme.

One of the major challenges for us was the hotel didn’t allow any Helium balloons in their ballroom.

A long with some other Halloween decor we created for them, we designed this awesome Black Cat Archway for their guests to past through.

It was a huge hit with their guests, it wasn’t intended to be a photo backdrop, but almost all their guest had their picture taken inside the Black Cat Balloon Archway.

Thanks goes out to the American Association of Feline Practitioners for challenging us to create something unique for them. We also want to thank, the Party and Paper magazine for selecting our work to be featured in their magazine.


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1. How to locomotives hear?

      Answer: Through the engineers.

2. What did the lightbulb say to his mother?     

     Answer: I wuv you watts and watts.

3. How to they serve smart hamburgers?
     Answer: On honor rolls.

Well did I make you laugh or did you groan some more? Tell me, email me with your favorite joke.


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10,000 Balloon Release at Sports Authority Field

Well today I am in shock like all Bronco fans at the last minute lost to the Baltimore Ravens. Never did I think it would end that way.

Bronco fans at home, were looking for something, anything to throw at their televisions. Fans at the stadium were in total disbelief. I know I was there.

You might have seen me and my fabulous crew on the North end of the field, right before kick-off. We were the ones holding 260 feet of balloon net, filled with 10,000 orange balloons. Yup, that’s right 10,000 balloons.

All balloons that we release are all hand tied and are bio-degradable. The balloons go up to about 5,000 feet and then freeze and break into shards like a broken windshield. Latex balloons bio-degrade in about a year, the same as an oak leaf would.

Balloons by Absolute Value is one of the few companies in the nation to release balloons at a NFL game. I think we were the first to do it for the NFL, but I can’t prove it.

This much I do know, is that Balloons by Absolute Value has released the most balloons for an NFL team. Of course it is for Our Denver Broncos.

Each year we are so honored to be a part of the Denver Bronco game day activities. My outstanding crew includes family, friends and a few new faces each year. We get so pumped and excited as the balloons rise to the sky and the fans are cheering. It gives me goose bumps just writing about it.

So next year when our Denver Broncos play and you see the balloons soaring to the heavens you will know who is having the rush of his life time.


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Green Gables Country Club, You will be missed !

I want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year! We welcome in 2013 and hope that it is a better year for all of us.

Now is the time to thank all of my friends and customers for making 2012 a very successful year for us. We had the honor and privilege of once again being a part of so many lives and events, l Thank you !!!

The last week of December is a crazy one for us each year and this years was no different. Planning and organizing for all the balloon drops across the Denver Metro Area is a feat in itself.

We always say a little prayer that their is no snow on the 29th, 30th and 31st. Our prayers were answered.

Balloon drops are not hard to do. Filling the nets with balloons is not hard, piece of cake really.  It is the rigging of the nets that is the time consumer and can cause problems. Because we do a site inspection and plan our rigging points, everything went smoothly again this year.

Though balloon drops are a big part of New Year’s Eve Celebrations, Ceiling balloons with mylar ribbon are also very big hit with many. Ceiling balloons are delivered on the 31st, due to the limited float life of a balloon.

This year like other years, my business resolutions are to provide the best looking balloon decor and service at a affordable price. To meet more of my customers face to face instead of just over the phone. A lot of my customers don’t know what I look like, I hope to change that this year.

I hope you have a great New Year and look forward to meeting with you.