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Spotlight on the Women’s Crisis and Family Center

Women’s Crisis & Family Center

Douglas County Fairgrounds
See the before picture under the Centerpiece Tab 

Like most of you, I have never hit a women or my kids. But there is an ever growing population that does. Why, I have no idea, I just don’t get this need to strike out and hit someone.

However there is a bigger problem of taking or stripping away a persons dignity or self worth, sometimes in big chunks, but usually in bits and pieces. It is a verbal form of taking away your pride and ego making you feel worthless.

Now I am not on my soapbox, rather pointing out there is an organization that can help, the Women’s Crisis and Family Center, located in Douglas County.

Years ago, I got a call asking if I deliver and decorate in Castle Rock, the answer was “Yes”. Like most non-profits they had little or no budget, but they had a huge venue to decorate, the Douglas County Fairgrounds Building.

Having been there before, I knew this was a clean, fairly new building with extremely high ceilings and minimal decor. A big metal barn if you will.

So I suggested to her a couple of ideas. Most were way out of their budget, but after hearing what this organization did, I gave them a great deal.

Ooops! This is about them, not my decor.

The WCFOC has a mission or vision, “The ultimate vision, is to assist in ending the violence in all people’s life”

They have such alarming statistics on all forms of violence to women, men, seniors and children. See violence hits every demographic, some more then others. A growing trend is more violence against Seniors.

The people who work there are dedicated to reducing domestic violence and family conflict through prevention, intervention, education and empowerment.

I hope you will do a Google search, go to their web site and learn what you can do to help the Women’s Crisis and Family Center. This is another event, I hope never to do again, cause we solved the problem of domestic violence.


The Lighter Side

I love all word jokes, the cornier the better. The pun is one type of word joke that I have not yet mastered in telling correctly. Most times puns are better when they are in a written format, so here are a few of my favorites.

1. When chemists die, they barium !

2. I know a guy who’s addicted to brake fluid. He says he can stop any time.

3. The Energizer Bunny was arrested, he was charged with Battery!

4. I got a job in a bakery, cause I kneaded dough……

5. Cartoonist found dead in home, details are sketchy.

6. Venison for dinner? Oh Deer !

7. They told me I had type A blood, but it was a Type – O

Hope I brought a smile to your face. Have a favorite joke you want to share, emailed it to me.


Tip of the Month – Types of Balloons

Almost everyday I am explaining the types of balloons to a new customer, so I thought I would write about it here.

There are basically two types of balloons, latex or mylar.

Mylar balloons are sometimes called foil balloons. These balloons are generally used in bouquets and contain a message like Happy Birthday or Get Well.

A shaped item, like a cartoon character or a baseball are generally a mylar balloon also. On my web site you will see individual letters or numbers and these are mylar balloons.

Will go onto latex balloons now. There are 4 basic groups:

1) Standard & Fashion Tones, you can’t see through them.

2) Jewel Tones are transparent, you can see through them. Are shiney and bright.

3) Pearl Tones have a Micah finish and you can’t see through them. They aren’t quite as shiny as the others.

4) Neon balloons glow under a black light. They also have
     more of a faded look to them.

On my web site there is a color chart with each group or type of balloon. I try to stay within the groups listed above, but there is no rule you can’t mix or match a balloon from another group to get the desired balloon colors you desire.

I hope this helps you understand the types of balloon, but if not, give me a call and I will try to explain it better.


One of My Favorite People: Teresa Shear

Denver Broncos Cheerleader Tryouts – Colorado Heights

In my opinion, The Denver Broncos Football Club is in a class all by itself, not just in Denver, but in the entire sports world.

It starts at the top with the owner Mr. Pat Bowlen and funnels downward to every employee in the organization. Top shelf all the way.

There is a very special lady I met lots of years ago, her name is Teresa Shear. An attractive, smart, caring and funny lady who I think is like a Peyton Manning in many ways. A true field general.

Teresa is the Director of Game Day Entertainment at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. For every Denver Bronco home game she is responsible for the pre-game and half time entertainment which is not an easy job by any means.

A true leader, she has learned to delegate and give responsibilities to others and she has been known to adjust on a dime. Teresa is very detail oriented, things are planned down to the minute. That’s why you see a quality product at each game.

She is also “The Head Cheerleader”, making sure that Denver has the best cheerleading squad in all of sport. Each year the cheerleaders have tryouts and then the final squad selection takes place by a panel of judges.

To be a cheerleader you have to be smart, articulate, big personality, dedicated and of course be athletic and good looking. No easy task for the panel of judges each year. Maybe one day she will let me be a judge. Laughing now, cause I have asked for that job for lots of years.

Teresa is a committed person in all realms of her life, her job, community, friends and blessed with a great daughter (Tate) and husband. When Teresa walks into a room the place lights up. I am proud to call her my friend.