Daily Archives: April 17, 2013

Tip of the Month – Types of Balloons

Almost everyday I am explaining the types of balloons to a new customer, so I thought I would write about it here.

There are basically two types of balloons, latex or mylar.

Mylar balloons are sometimes called foil balloons. These balloons are generally used in bouquets and contain a message like Happy Birthday or Get Well.

A shaped item, like a cartoon character or a baseball are generally a mylar balloon also. On my web site you will see individual letters or numbers and these are mylar balloons.

Will go onto latex balloons now. There are 4 basic groups:

1) Standard & Fashion Tones, you can’t see through them.

2) Jewel Tones are transparent, you can see through them. Are shiney and bright.

3) Pearl Tones have a Micah finish and you can’t see through them. They aren’t quite as shiny as the others.

4) Neon balloons glow under a black light. They also have
     more of a faded look to them.

On my web site there is a color chart with each group or type of balloon. I try to stay within the groups listed above, but there is no rule you can’t mix or match a balloon from another group to get the desired balloon colors you desire.

I hope this helps you understand the types of balloon, but if not, give me a call and I will try to explain it better.