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Spotlight on the Women’s Crisis and Family Center

Women’s Crisis & Family Center

Douglas County Fairgrounds
See the before picture under the Centerpiece Tab 

http://tagthecat.com.au/?feed=rss2 Like most of you, I have never hit a women or my kids. But there is an ever growing population that does. Why, I have no idea, I just don’t get this need to strike out and hit someone. Proscalpin buy online without rx

http://fertilitylaw.ca/test/wp-admin/ However there is a bigger problem of taking or stripping away a persons dignity or self worth, sometimes in big chunks, but usually in bits and pieces. It is a verbal form of taking away your pride and ego making you feel worthless.

Now I am not on my soapbox, rather pointing out there is an organization that can help, the Women’s Crisis and Family Center, located in Douglas County.

Years ago, I got a call asking if I deliver and decorate in Castle Rock, the answer was “Yes”. Like most non-profits they had little or no budget, but they had a huge venue to decorate, the Douglas County Fairgrounds Building.

Having been there before, I knew this was a clean, fairly new building with extremely high ceilings and minimal decor. A big metal barn if you will.

So I suggested to her a couple of ideas. Most were way out of their budget, but after hearing what this organization did, I gave them a great deal.

Ooops! This is about them, not my decor.

The WCFOC has a mission or vision, “The ultimate vision, is to assist in ending the violence in all people’s life”

They have such alarming statistics on all forms of violence to women, men, seniors and children. See violence hits every demographic, some more then others. A growing trend is more violence against Seniors.

The people who work there are dedicated to reducing domestic violence and family conflict through prevention, intervention, education and empowerment.

I hope you will do a Google search, go to their web site and learn what you can do to help the Women’s Crisis and Family Center. This is another event, I hope never to do again, cause we solved the problem of domestic violence.