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Helium – The Big Gouge

Have you ever wondered to yourself, why has the price of this or that product took a big price hike? Why has the price of a simple balloon took such a dramatic jump?

I will get on my soap box and explain the price increase that is taking place now and in the future for the balloon industry.

A little background information first. Last September (2012) I was talking to my Helium supplier and he told me, “Charlie, I have been notified that there will be three (3) price increases for Helium in the year 2013. One in March or April, the second will be in June or July and the final one for the year will be in September or October.”

My statement was how does the Helium industry know when, where and how the price of a product will be increased. Certainly not by supply and demand, do they have a futuristic magic ball that can predict natural events like a tornado, flood or equipment failure. The answer is “NO”, it is purely simple “GREED”, “GOUGE” the customer till it hurts and then add another price increase.

Now when Helium was managed by the Federal Government the availability and price of Helium was stable. Since the privatization of Helium it has been anything but. Major shortages and price increases all the time.

This spring was the re-authorization of the Helium Act. The balloon industry, party stores and balloon manufactures were encouraged to write, call and email their Congressman and Senators to re-authorize this bill.

Without the re-authorization we were threatened that there would be no Helium for our industry. Can you imagine a little child not knowing what a Helium balloon is? What would a Birthday party be without balloons? How would you decorate a wedding or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah without balloons? Would you notice there isn’t a balloon arch at your favorite charity walk/run?

To make sure we in the industry understood the Helium industry meant business, they created a fake shortage right around Graduation time. This was to show us what it would be like to be without Helium. Naturally we had to turn customers away and our profits fell like a shooting star.

Well folks, we did what the Helium industry asked or threatened us with, and we called, wrote and emailed are elected officials. The re-authorization act was passed.

Did we get a letter or acknowledgment for our support? The answer is “NO”, we got another price increase instead. That is a total price increase of 65 per cent for me, others took a full 100 per cent increase in one year. One year, 65 per cent, that is plain and simple greed or price gouging in my opinion.

For you my customer, you now know why the price of a balloon and balloon decorating has jumped through the roof. If we are to stay in business, we have to pass these costs on to you. I feel your pain

I can hardly wait till September to see what and how much the Helium industry is going to gouge us again and the reasons they use this time.

Charlie Johnson

PS. I dare the Helium industry to tell me I am wrong about their price gouging methods. When is enough profits, enough for the Helium Industry.



Unique Event – The Undy5000

                         Arch at the Undy5000

One of the most unique run / walk races in Denver is the Undy5000. A 5k race created by the Colon Cancer Alliance is going to be held at City Park on June 22nd.

Walkers and runners are encouraged to wear their boxers to bring attention to the area affected by Colon Cancer.

This unique, family-friendly event raises funds and awareness, while also celebrating survivors and honoring the loved ones we’ve lost to this disease.

Pictured is the arch created by Balloons by Absolute Value for the start of the race. Hope to see you at this years race.


The Lighter Side

Most of you know already that laughter is the best medicine. So take a moment to laugh and just enjoy life. You will live longer.

1. How many tickles does it take to make an Octopus laugh?

2. Do you know why a bicycle has a tough time standing?

3. Why do pirates go to the Caribbean?

The answers are below the next article.


One of My Favorite Venues – The Comedy Works

Megaloon Letters at the Comedy Works/Landmark
See more photos of our décor under the Cool Décor Tab 

We all have our favorite places to eat, drink or go for a good time. There are places I like to decorate for various reasons. I am going to share one of those places this month with you.

It is the Comedy Works / Landmark, located just south of Belleview and west of I-25 by a of couple blocks, in Greenwood Village. It might be a little hard to find the first time, but it is well worth checking out for your event.

Why do I like working there, it is clean, well laid out and the people there are super. Two of the staff, Anna Stemple and Aubrey Franklin I have know for over 10 years. They are true professionals as well as the rest of the staff.

The Comedy Works is laid out in three separate areas. The upper area for tables, a lower area that has a dance floor and can be also used for tables. Then there is a very large outdoor patio.

It is perfect for Mitzvahs, Weddings or Corporate events. It has a great view of the city, well maintained and the staff is friendly, courteous and professional. I give this venue a 5 star rating.

When you speak to them, say “HI” for me. Tell them I sent you!


The Lighter Side Answers

1. How many tickles does it take to make an Octopus laugh?
     Answer: Ten tickles ( tentacles ) makes an Octopus laugh.

2. Do you know why a bicycle has a tough time standing?

     Answer: They are too tired. (Two Tired).

3. Why do pirates go to the Caribbean?

      Answer: They go there for some arh and arh.

Did the jokes make you think? Maybe they were too hard for you. Next time I will throw cement into them and make them harder.  Snickering big time now.


Spotlight – Capital Hill Peoples’ Fair

Capitol Hill Peoples’ Fair / Broadway and 14th

In the summer time in Denver there are so many things to do….the summer really kicks off each year with the Capitol Hill Peoples’ Fair held at Civic Center Park.

There is something for everyone; live music, arts and crafts, food and beverage. So much to see and do, you can’t really see it all in one day.

Spend a little or spend a lot it doesn’t matter, but you have to spend at least one day at the Capitol Hill Peoples’ Fair.

The pic above is one of the largest balloon arches in Denver each year…..spanning Broadway at 14th. Another cool event done by Balloons by Absolute Value.