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Spotlight on the Donor Dash

Start of the Donor Dash

Each year I am involved in lots of events that tug at my heart. Lots of different reasons for that……but none the less, tears are shed along with some big smiles.

The Donor Dash is one of those events. It is put on by the Donor Alliance. You know, the people who are responsible for collecting and redistributing donated organs.

That may not be the best or politically correct way of saying it, but that is what they do. Literally thousand of lives are saved and other lives are enriched by the kindest of people donating body parts of loved ones.

The Donor Dash is held at Wash Park each year to raise money and remember loved ones who have donated organs so others may have a better life.

The photo above is the start of this years race on July 13th

ps. If you aren’t an organ donor already, sign up to be one the next time your at the DMV….. It is worth the time of a special trip, believe me.


The Lighter Side:

 It is that time of the month again, to bring smiles, chuckles giggles and a few groans. Like most months, you have to think back to your childhood to get the answers. Good Luck

1. Why was the belt arrested?

2. Which runs faster, hot or cold water?

3. Where do you learn to make banana splits?

4. Why do they put bells on cows?


One of My Favorite Venues – Nick’s Garden Center

Balloon Topiaries – Nick’s Garden Center

I like shopping in places that treat me right. A place where they walk the talk about customer service. That is Nick’s Gardens Center at 2001 S. Chambers Road in Aurora.

There is a reason why I am a Balloon Guy, cause I have the biggest brown thumb in the world. That doesn’t matter to the fine staff at Nick’s, they have given me tips on the right plants that even I can grow.

Nick’s has one of the largest selections of plants, trees, planting materials and just plain cool stuff. My old man told me when I was a pup “Every ones hand fits a shovel and a rake”. Great words of wisdom.

There prices are hard to beat too…… Buy quality for just a few more pennies or dollars……it is worth the price.

You might not know this, but Nick’s gives back to the community in several ways. First they have a customer appreciate weekend, they appreciate customers all year long, but they have one weekend they make sure you’re aware your appreciated.

Another is they have a Race for the Cure promotion in July where dollars raised go to the fight against Breast Cancer. A cause dear to my heart.

They also do a lot of things unseen and unheralded for the community….so please shop Nick’s Gardens

The photo above are Balloon Topiaries for the Race for the Cure promotion…….another pic of Balloon Columns can be found on my web site under the Columns tab.


The Lighter Side Answers:

How well do you think you did? I won’t keep you in suspense any longer…… here are the answers……. Big smile on my face, knowing you didn’t get most of them right…….

1. Why was the belt arrested?
        Answer: It held up a pair of pants.

2. Which runs faster, hot or cold water?
        Answer: Hot, cause you can always catch a cold.

3. Where do you learn to make banana splits?
        Answer: In sundae school.

4.Why do they put bells on cows?
        Answer: Because their horns don’t work!


Idea of the Month – Fire Cracker Column

                         Fire Cracker Column

It seems appropriate for this months idea of the month to be the Fire Cracker Column…… This eye catching column can be either helium or air-filled and can be made to almost any height.

Like most columns, it can be up to 4 colors or one solid color, the topper for the column are 260 Q’s that look like a Fire Cracker exploding, creating a unique visual effect for your event.

In some parts of the country they maybe called Fireworks Columns or if your from either coast, they have been called Anemones, because the topper resembles a Sea Anemone. Which for some, is too hard to pronounce, people like me.


Happy 4th of July:

We created this American Flag for Whole Foods 

 Soon the Fourth of July will be here and people will be thinking of BBQ’s, Picnic’s, Fireworks, Camping and family get together’s of all kinds.

But what does this Holiday really mean? Am I proud to be an American by displaying the American Flag outside my house or does it mean honoring our fore fathers who so gallantly fought the British for the rights we now enjoy or is it to salute those who bravely defended our country through out the years.

I guess there is no real right or wrong way to describe what is an American. Some say it just means I was born in North America the US of A and that’s all. Others boast they are American’s all the time by wearing a label pin of the American Flag. Whose right? I don’t know.

The country has become more polarized since I was a pup, Democrats and Republicans could talk to each other civilly and compromise to make things better for all Americans.

Today both parties are more interest in protecting their own turf and making it stronger at the expense of the other. Compromise is something long forgotten. Big donors are catered to at the expense of the average American citizen.

Thinking back to the last election cycle, why did each party spend so much to elect their candidates. The positions they were running for paid a mere pittance of the total spent by each party. Something is very wrong here.

Candidates walked door to door and met the voters in the days of old, now you have Robo calls and mud slinging TV and Radio ads 24 / 7. Is this what we have to tolerate, we should demand better.

I am proud to be a second generation American, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are cherished by me. I am a middle of the road kind of guy, don’t lean left or right. Know the words to the Star Spangled Banner and sing them terribly but goose bumps still come to me each time I hear the words.

So I leave you with this thought. What does it mean to you, to be an American? Happy 4th of July !!!!