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Thanks, 2013 Comes to a Close

As the end of 2013 comes to a close it is time to send all of you who have been my customers a special “THANK YOU”. Without you I would not be in business. THANKS !!! cheap abilify online

My old man always use to tell me “Be thankful for what you have and don’t worry about what you don’t have”. Sound advice from the smartest person I will ever know.

I count my blessing every day……I am in good health, have family and friend who love me, I eat three squares and I have a roof over my head. Really can’t get much better then that.

So as I close this message…..I hope you also reflect on what you have and be thankful for it too. After all we have lived another year……pretty awesome, huh.

May your Maker watch over you for another year……it won’t be long before we will be singing Auld Lang Syne and wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Thanks again for being my customer and friend.


Snowman and Holiday Party

                      Snowman and Holiday Party

You know how sometimes you feel that you are the luckiest person on the planet for one reason or another. That is how I feel every day.

For some reason my Maker blessed me with the perfect job for me. A chance to meet great people and to be a part of so many lives, which truly enriches me as a person.

Not all people can say they have the perfect job, maybe not even half the people can say that. But for me being a balloon decorator is totally awesome.

Being a balloon decorator isn’t easy and not always fun, especially when you are getting up at midnight to do balloons for an event that starts at six in the morning.

Then giving up almost every weekend to do events. But, I wouldn’t trade jobs with anyone for any amount of money. It is that special to me.

How many people can say they have built balloon sculpture snowmen or a 15 foot cowboy out of balloons. Not to mention 8 foot long carrots for an Easter celebration for a Senior Retirement Home. They really did the bunny hop, so damn cute.

There are less then a handful of balloon companies that have released 10,000 balloon at an NFL game and my company is one of them. I think of all the Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s or weddings that I have been apart of. The list goes on and on. I am truly blessed.

But the best part of my job, is to meet people like you. You probably don’t realize it, but to share your event and life with me is so very cool. Can’t really express in words just how special you make me feel….it is a lot of warm and fuzzies.

As we are winding down our holiday parties and gearing up for New Year’s Eve little sugar plum fairies are dancing in my head….

Thinking of all of the great events that will be coming in the next year. Every day is like my birthday or Christmas for me. Thanks for giving me that special feeling.

Hope your holiday season is so special. The picture above is one of the holiday parties we did……you should have been there to see the smiles on the little ones faces.


The Ligher Side

Once again, it is time for the lighter side. This months lighter side has a Christmas theme to it. So just enjoy and maybe you too will be going HO, HO, HO.

1. How do you know when Santa’s in the room?

2. What do you get when you eat Christmas decorations?

3. What do you get when you deep fry Santa Claus?

4. What did the Gingerbread Man put on his bed?

5  Why are Christmas trees such bad knitters?

6. What’s the difference between the Christmas alphabet
and the ordinary alphabet?

The answers will follow the next article. How many do you think got right……HO, HO, HO……..


Holiday Season

Menorah – Big Bear Ice Arena

Once again the holiday season is upon us. It seems so different then when I was a kid. I use to look forward to the snow and even the cold, cause Christmas was soon to come.

Today, I really don’t want to see either the snow or cold, but still look forward to the Christmas season though. A long time ago I realized that the holiday season is more then the Christian holiday I grew up with.

Each religion, race and yes, some different cultural customs take place. In Minnesota they have this food, I use the term food loosely……it is called Lutefisk (lye fish – English translation) it takes about 14 days to prepare this properly.

My grand parents would spend 4 or 5 days soaking it in water, changing the water daily then a couple of days soaking it in a mild version of lye to cure the fish. Then of course rinsing it for several more days and then finally preparing it to eat. Sound good so far? Smiling now.

I don’t think there are words to describe the odor accurately. Ten day old smelly socks in a hamper, a garbage dump, dead skunk on the road or even a rodding body can’t come close to the pungent odor Lutefisk has.

Because I am Swedish, Norwegian and Finish I was suppose to have the taste buds for Lutefisk. I might have the taste buds, but my nose was all American and I could never get passed the smell.

I tried to please my grand parents and parents by attempting to eat Lutefisk, but to no avail. Thank God my mom understood and made hot dog for us kids.

Now that is my cultural story for this holiday season. I would love to hear yours.

We had an event that will only happen once in a lifetime. Thanksgivukkah. This year Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah will converge at the same time. The next time it will happen is 79,000 years away. Hope you enjoyed Thanksgivukkah.

The pic above is a Menorah at Big Bear Ice Area celebrating Hanukkah.


The Lighter Side Answers

Here are the answers for this months lighter side!

1. How do you know when Santa’s in the room?

        Answer: You can sense his presents.

2. What do you get when you eat Christmas decorations?
        Answer: Tinsilitis!

3. What do you get when you deep fry Santa Claus?
        Answer: Crisp Kringle.

4. What did the Gingerbread Man put on his bed?
        Answer: A cookie sheet!

5. Why are Christmas trees such bad knitters?
        Answer: They are always dropping their needles.

6. What’s the difference between the Christmas alphabet
     and the ordinary alphabet?
        Answer: The Christmas alphabet has NOEL!

Well did you do get all the answers to the jokes right. Didn’t think so. Now spread the Christmas Cheer and share them with your friends and family.