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New colors: Mylar Letters and Numbers

Mylar Letters used at Stephen’s Bar Mitzvah

Megaloon mylar letters have been around for a bunch of years in silver and gold only. They also have a product line of numbers in more colors: blue, gold, pink, purple, red and silver.

You might have seen them used for Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, proms, graduations and corporate events. They really added the wow factor to any event. Balloons by Absolute Value was the first to bring them to the Denver area.

The letters and numbers are 36 inches high and the width varies with each letter and number….Most are 24 inches wide.

After a lot of requests by balloon decorators world wide asking the balloon manufactures for more color choices.

Someone finally listened, a manufacture named Northstar Balloons recently announced new color choices available beginning the first of January.

The new colors announced and available for balloon decorators and you the customer are blue, gold, magenta, purple, silver, red and silver for both letters and numbers.

Black is also available only in numbers and there is a limited letters that are available in a zebra print.

To be honest with you I don’t stock all the colors from Northstar balloons. I will special order these colors for your event and it takes about 5 working days to have them delivered. Of course if it is an emergency I can have them shipped overnight….but it will cost you… plan ahead.


Idea of the Month: Cupcake Balloon Sculpture

                   Cupcake Balloon Sculpture

It is no secret that one of the things that keep me excited about my business is the requests and challenges my customers bring to me.

That old age…….”Let them eat cake” . A mitzvah mom wasn’t thinking quite like that, but she wanted a large cupcake balloon sculpture for her daughters Bat Mitzvah.

My team of crack designers and I sat down and put are heads together and thought how was the best way to make a cupcake sculpture with balloons.

Lots of things to consider……size and being able to transport our finished product easily were our prime concerns. We wouldn’t be able to totally build one from scratch at the event site, the allotted set-up time frame made this impossible.

Unlike in real life, there isn’t a recipe to make a balloon cupcake… no Betty Crocker or Heinz out of the box ingredients either.

Like most of us we used skills and techniques from building things that we have done before. The tricky part of making a cupcake balloon sculpture is that it is circular and must nestle together nicely…….no big gaps.

The technique we used is called “square packing” with two different size balloons in each balloon garland. Sounds strange doesn’t it, using a technique named “square packing” to create a circular object. But it really is how we built it.

I hope you enjoyed our cupcake….the frosting looks good enough to eat ……… right? Now, if you have something you want to challenge us with, we will be more then happy to make it for you. 


The Lighter Side

The lighter side is a place to find jokes and puns that will make you groan, laugh or giggle. Today we need to laugh, especially after yesterdays Bronco loss in the Super Bowl.

See how many jokes you know the answers too……..need help, talk to a ten year old. Answers follow the next blog entry.
1. What do you call a man in the lion’s cage?

2. What do you call a sleepwalking nun?

3. What kind of tree grows in your hand?

4. Why did the man put a sweater on his hot dog?

5. What happened to the boy who drank 8 cokes?

6. What did the ocean say to the other ocean?

7. What do you call an illegally parked frog?


Spotlight on G.I. Jodi’s Bar & Restaurant

Bronco Balloon Arch at G.I. Jodi’s Bar & Restaurant

Today’s entry into my blog……is totally different then what I had planned on writing. I was going to write about the Broncos winning the Super Bowl yesterday.

But, like most of you I sat and watched the Broncos get beat and beat badly……nothing went right for them. Right from the get go with a bad snap and a safety. A bad omen for sure.

Did you know there has been a safety scored in the last three Super Bowls? For me it was pure torture to watch and I am sure I was not alone in the pain and agony of watching the game. I did watch the whole thing……why, I am not sure.

I woke up today and I am still a Bronco Fan. Blue and Orange are still my favorite colors. Thank you Broncos for getting this far…….maybe next year the result will be different. Told you I am Blue and Orange though and through.

This Broncos season was quite exciting and I got to meet some of the nicest people on this run to the playoff’s. One of them was a charming lady named Jodi, she owns a bar and restaurant in Littleton. Ken Caryl and Simms are the major cross streets.

G.I. Jodi’s is a neighborhood place, where all the people seem to know each other. A cool place where you can get fabulous food, a great drink and meet nice people……they also have karaoke and live music on certain nights.

So if you want a new place to go, G.I. Jodi’s might be the right fit for you, so checkout their web site for their calendar of events and menu at .

Jodi is just one of the nice people I got to meet this year, so visit my blog often for other nice people and venues that I like during the coming year.

The Bronco balloon arch pictured above is in front of G.I. Jodi’s on Super Bowl Sunday.


The Lighter Side Answers

You probably skipped the article to get to the answers, right? After you finish groaning or laughing go back and read the article. G.I. Jodi’s is a cool place.

1. What do you call a man in the lion’s cage?
      Answer: Claude

2. What do you call a sleepwalking nun?
      Answer: Roamin’ Catholic

3. What kind of tree grows in your hand?
      Answer: A palm tree

4. Why did the man put a sweater on his hot dog?
      Answer: Because it was a chili dog

5. What happened to the boy who drank 8 cokes?
      Answer: He burped 7up

6. What did the ocean say to the other ocean?
      Answer: Nothing, they just waved

7. What do you call an illegally parked frog?
      Answer: Toad

Well how many answers to this months jokes did you get right? All of them……then you’re going to live a long life, because you don’t take life to cereal.