Springing Forward to Opening Day

Opening Day for 850 KOA Radio Booth – Coors Field

Every year about this time I struggle with the changing of the clocks…..springing forward. I am a terrible sleeper to begin with but that is not what I struggle with.

BASEBALL …. Spring training has long since begun and the regular season is knocking on our door. I am a big fan of the game.

Since I was kid playing sandlot ball and watching the Minneapolis Millers, the Giants minor league team. Sitting in the bleachers with my old man, what a way to spend a day in the sun.

Now I follow all of the teams, but The Twins and The Rockies are two teams that I follow very closely. Last year neither had a good season, in fact it was a toss up who had the worst team or record.

There is nothing like Opening Day, have missed only one Opening Day since the Rockies came to Denver….This year will be the second.

Since the Rockies Organization came up with two bright ideas to be part of Opening Day. I will not be going.

First they came up with a lottery for the chance to buy tickets for this game. I entered and didn’t win the opportunity to buy tickets. Dang !

I wonder if this is legal, thought lotteries were for non-profits and the State of Colorado. All you lawyers out there I would like a legal opinion. Email me with your thoughts.

The second way to go to this game was to buy tickets in mini packages or season tickets. I don’t like being told to go to one game, I have to buy tickets to other games.

Lastly I am not paying scalpers to see a game I should be able to buy tickets at the ticket window at Coors Field.

So I guess I will be turning my radio to 850 KOA and listening to the game this year. A bummer for sure.

Ps. How big a fan am I, I have probably over 500,000 baseball and sports cards. No, I didn’t put them in my spokes as a kid……. snickering now.


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