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Decorating Ideas: Football Centerpieces

    Football & Tee Synthetic Grass Base

Football & Tee
Synthetic Grass Base

Latex Team Colors  Mylar NFL Helmet

Latex Team Colors
Mylar NFL Helmet











Football season is here, both college and the NFL are in full swing. So there are all types of events that we will be doing with footballs as the center of attention.

Types of balloons used maybe: latex balloons in team colors, mylar balloons with team logos, football shaped mylars and even NFL mylar team helmets.

What we do for these events varies from table top bouquets, balloon columns with mylar football toppers, balloon arches for players and spectators to go through and even a balloon release or two.

One of the events we did was a Bar Mitzvah for the Stoutenberg’s at Folsom Field in Boulder. A great historic college football venue using NFL team balloon colors and a mylar NFL football helmets.

It was a totally awesome look. Stacy the mom, did a lot of the work herself, we provided the balloon decor and the set-up for this special event.

Pictured above are the centerpiece base; which included a square of synthetic grass, mini lights, a football tee and of course a football.

The balloon centerpieces included a mylar NFL Team Helmet and latex balloons in team colors for almost all of the NFL teams. Each table also had matching colored linen.

Way to go Stacy…… was really a blowout and you were voted MVP by me…….. Awesome job.


The Lighter Side:

BOO, did I scare you? Think not…….but I will make you think and laugh with this years Halloween jokes. I always try to get the dumbest and freshest jokes.

You know new ones that you and your friends haven’t heard a million times. Guess it’s ok with this months humor, to say “Hope you die laughing”…… snickering big time.

Like always the answers follow the next article, No fair skipping the article !!!!

01. What’s a vampire’s favorite fast food?

02. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween ball?

03. What is a witch’s best subject in school?

04. Why did the game warden arrest the ghost?

05. What food is a vampire afraid of?

06. What does a witch use to keep her hair up?

07. What do you call two spiders that just got married?

08. What kind of pants do ghosts wear?

09. What is a vampires favorite fruit?

10. Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road.

11. What is a Mummie’s favorite type of music

12. Why did the ghost go into the bar?

13. Where do most werewolves live?



Spooktacular Halloween Centerpieces

Spiders Lair Candy Cauldron

Spiders Lair
Candy Cauldron

Scaredy Cat Centerpiece

Scaredy Cat












Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, even better then Christmas. Back in the day, everyone had homemade costumes.

My mom was so creative, she could take a little of this and some of that and all of a sudden I had the coolest costume. She would make paper mache masks and then paint them. Mom was amazing. I always had the best costumes in the neighborhood.

Back in the day we were encouraged to wear our costumes to school. Then that night we would hit every house in a six block radius.

Trick or treating with a pillow case and great friends it didn’t get much better then that. Then I would go home and dump my loot onto the kitchen table.

My old man inspected the candy, before I was allowed to eat any (wink, wink) ….. it was just his excuse to take some of the best candy.

Today Halloween is the second biggest holiday, next to the Christmas season. It also happens to be just as much for grown ups as for kids.

Almost all the costumes today are bought in stores and there is a bigger and better assortment of candy. Haunted houses and adult parties are super big and can be real scary. I almost forgot the Monster Ball Bash.

Balloons by Absolute Value has designed special Halloween centerpieces, balloon sculptures and the coolest spider balloon drop ever. See more Halloween centerpieces under the centerpiece tab on my website. Happy Halloween


The Lighter Side Answers:

The answers for this months jokes, come from the pit or the crypt can’t remember where. Doctor Frankenstein must have taken part of my brain, without telling me.

What is scary is how many of the jokes you didn’t know. Maybe you will have better luck bobbing for apples on Halloween. Too funny, hope you enjoyed the lighter side this month.

01. What’s a vampire’s favorite fast food?

         Answer: A guy with very high blood pressure.

02. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween ball?

         Answer: Because he had no body to go with!

03. What is witch’s best subject in school?

         Answer: Spelling.

04. Why did the game warden arrest the ghost?

         Answer: He didn’t have a haunting license.

05. What food is a vampire afraid of?

         Answer: A Steak

06. What does a witch use to keep her hair up?

         Answer: Scarespray!

07. What do you call two spiders that just got married?

         Answer: Newlywebbs

08. What kind of pants do ghosts wear?

         Answer: Boo-Jeans.

09. What is a vampires favorite fruit?

         Answer: A nectarine!

10. Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?

         Answer: Because he didn’t have the guts to do it.

11. What is a Mummie’s favorite type of music?

         Answer:. Wrap!!!!!

12. Why did the ghost go into the bar?

         Answer: For the Boos.

13. Where do most werewolves live?

         Answer. In howllywood, California.



Spot Light: Race for the Cure

RIBBON 2014 (2) FFF

Race for the Cure Survivor Ceremony

Once again, Balloons by Absolute Value did all the balloons for Denver’s Race for the Cure. This is one event each year I wish I never have to do again. That would mean they have found the cure for breast cancer.

Each year they are getting closer to finding that cure, but no luck so far. There does happen to be a silver lining in all of this.

They are finding better treatments and it is no longer something that women should hide or be ashamed of. Early detection is the key.

Self examinations are now common place, mammograms are better and faster, treatments are better and more diverse. Survival rates are ever increasing.

Those are all great things, but still we have no absolute cure. Maybe this year will be the year.

I have many friends, my angels as I call them have told me one of the things that keeps them going each year is to stand on the grand stand at the Survivor Ceremony.

Balloons by Absolute Value has been privileged to be doing the balloons for 21 years for the race. The crew of Balloons by Absolute Value are busy decorating this event starting at midnight each year.

Lots of years ago I designed the Iconic Pink Balloon Ribbon that greets the Survivors each year. I want to thank Gary Shapiro of KUSA 9 News for branding the pink balloon ribbon as Iconic.

FYI, The Iconic Pink Balloon Ribbon is the single most photographed item at Denver’s Race for the Cure.




Spot Light on the Gabby Krause Foundation


Frog Centerpieces for Gabby Krause Foundation

I have a lot to catch up for you……we have been really busy and the rest of the month of October looks that way too.

Today’s blog is about one of my favorite charities… gosh I have quite a few of them. But seriously this is an awesome charity started by my friend Tammy Krause.

She started the Gabby Krause Foundation 10 years ago. It all started with the passing of her daughter Gabby. I never got to meet Gabby, but I am sure I would have fallen in love with her.

I have a soft spot for kids any way, but Gabby was different in so many ways……. Now how can I say that without ever meeting her.

She had a smile that could like up a room and eyes that make you melt. But there was so much more. Things that I admire in people; determination, spunk, drive and getting back on your feet when you’re beaten down. Gabby had that and more. In short she had spirit and the will to fight and live.

Now Gabby is gone physically but not in the minds of so many. See Tammy learned from her daughter, determination, spirit and what makes living………. living.

The Gabby Krause Foundation gives “Bags of Joy” to little boys and girls who go into the hospital to fight Cancer. These bags contain the “Good Stuff” that enables them to endure the pain and suffering they will have in fighting Cancer.

Tammy has made it her mission with the help of so many of her friends to do this worth whiled task. It really is a labor of love. The foundation has given out over 3,000 bags, free of charge, no real questions asked.

Each year, Balloons by Absolute Value has had the honor of decorating the Gabby Krause Foundation fund raiser. This is where the money comes from to buy those “Bags of Joy”

Now I would be remiss on not mentioning my friend Bridget Zerr who tells me what she wants for the decor for the gala.

Each year we brain storm and I some how come up with some thing that is unique and I have never done before. Bridget does challenge me and I like that, besides I really like working with her. Another awesome lady.

Now if you want to learn more about the Gabby Krause Foundation…….just google it and then if you have some extra change laying around, give it to this worthy cause.

The Frog Centerpieces where used for table tops and floor bouquets as well. Hope you enjoy them




The Lighter Side:

Well I am a little behind in preparing my annual Halloween jokes, so right now I have some of my favorite puns for you to enjoy. Puns are a lost art for comedians today, that is why when you hear one you really get a kick out of the play on words.

Never fear, my Halloween jokes will be posted in plenty of time for you to spread the Halloween Spirit.

Those who get too big for their pants will be exposed in the end.

I wrote a rock and roll song about a tortilla. Well it’s more wrap.

God is a baseball fan? The Bible’s, first line “In the big inning”

A man’s home is his castle, in a manor of speaking.

Dijon vu – the same mustard as before.

Shotgun wedding – A case of wife or death.

A man needs a mistress just to break the monogamy.

A hangover is the wrath of grapes.

Dancing cheek-to-cheek is really a form of floor play.

Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

Condoms should be used on every conceivable occasion.

Explaining puns to kleptomaniacs is hard, because they always take things literally.