Spot Light: United Methodist Cross / Mary Johnson


United Methodist Church – Balloon Cross

It is always nice when I get repeat business, there is a very special lady named Mary Johnson, no relation to me. Mary is a senior like me and volunteers her time and energy to the United Methodist Church.

Over the years I have gotten to know Mary quite well, she is a dedicated person. Keeping young by taking care of her mother who is 90 something and volunteering.

One of the unique things about Mary is she doesn’t have a computer so all correspondence (emails) goes through friends of hers.

Her group, Metropolitan District Annual Celebration (MDAC), part of the United Methodist Church wanted a stained glass looking cross made out of balloons.

Her friend Curtis emailed a photo of a stained glass cross, if you know anything about stained glass…it uses different shaped pieces of glass to form a great looking piece of art.

Well balloons are round, so the dedicated design crew had to put on their thinking caps to create a visually appealing look for the cross.

The look or pattern we chose is a “Diamond Pattern” it looks similar to a cross in some ways. We used this pattern for the vertical piece of the cross.

To be honest with you, our cross didn’t look anything like the stained glass cross picture Curtis sent me . Ours did look great and was well received by the MDAC members. Lots of photos were taken and people were amazed that our cross was made only with balloons.

Mary called me and told me just how wonderful it was and that the all of the people were amazed at how the colors on our cross matched the colors of of their stained glass cross. Thanks Mary for the instant feed back.








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