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    Black Cat Arch for American Assoc of Feline Practitioners

The nation trade journal for the balloon and party industry, Party and Paper has once again selected one of Balloons by Absolute Value balloon decor to be featured in their magazine ( January 2013 issue ).

This is the second time in less then a year that our work has been selected over the thousands of balloon decor submitted to them.

It is quite an honor for us to have our decor picked over so many other talented balloon decorators. Twice in one year is totally amazing.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners holds its national convention every year around Halloween. They were looking for unique Halloween balloon decor for their convention theme.

One of the major challenges for us was the hotel didn’t allow any Helium balloons in their ballroom.

A long with some other Halloween decor we created for them, we designed this awesome Black Cat Archway for their guests to past through.

It was a huge hit with their guests, it wasn’t intended to be a photo backdrop, but almost all their guest had their picture taken inside the Black Cat Balloon Archway.

Thanks goes out to the American Association of Feline Practitioners for challenging us to create something unique for them. We also want to thank, the Party and Paper magazine for selecting our work to be featured in their magazine.


cheap prednisone online


It is nice to be recognized by your peers or a trade journal in your industry. That is what happened to Balloons by Absolute Value this month.

Of the thousands of photos submitted, our photo was one of twelve to be selected and published in the August edition of their magazine and web site.  The above decor was selected to be published by Party and Paper, a trade journal for the party industry for it’s uniqueness and craftsmanship.

We at Balloons by Absolute Value consider this to be quite an honor and a feather in our cap. Thanks goes out to Regis High School who challenged us to create this amazing backdrop. Once again our customers have made Balloons by Absolute Value the best balloon decorator in Colorado.

Go to the Cool Decor Tab and see other amazing decor.