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Happy Fourth of July


Fireworks Sculpture – Colorado Athletic Club

Gosh, half the year is over with already, I can hardly believe it. It wasn’t long ago it seems that we were complaining about the cold weather…..

The 4th of July will soon be here and we will all be planning picnics, trips to Elitches or Lakeside, the mountains or in my sons case his favorite lake to go fishing.

Then towards dusk we will be gathering up the blankets, coolers and folding chairs to go to our favorite place to watch fireworks.

In my neighborhood you will hear firecrackers, bottle rockets and an occasional illegal fireworks go off all day and night.

Which stirs a memory of when I was a pup in Minnesota, times were simpler then and everyone took the time to smell the roses or on the Fourth of July, the smell of sulphur and gunpowder (fireworks).

We would always go to the same lake each year for fishing and a family picnic….. Oh so much food… can smell the burgers and hot dogs my mom was cooking on the outdoor grill at the lake. No gas or charcoal….just firewood…

The guys were all pitching horseshoes and drinking lots of Hamms or Grainbelt beer. All of us kids were just being annoying according to my mom and grand mom…. Think they were right.

When it was getting late…..we packed up everything and headed back to Minneapolis….. and go to the neighborhood park with our blankets and folding chairs….and of course a cooler full of pop and beer.

It seemed we all sat together by blocks a chance for neighbors to reminisce and exchange the latest gossip.

I grew up in Minnesota where fireworks were illegal but it seemed everyone knew someone who travel to Wisconsin to get them.

My old man was no exception, he knew a guy, who knew a guy, who knew a guy who had them or could get them.

Once we were settled in at the park, the old man would pull out the firecrackers, cherry bombs, M-80’s …… bottle rockets were set-up by my uncles and grandpa’s.

Can remember a time that there was no shortage of stupid when one block shot bottle rockets across the park to another block…. They returned fire.

Thinking about it now… was pretty cool.. Seeing the rockets criss crossing the baseball and football fields… I know it is a guy thing…. but it was very cool.

Little kids were waving sparklers … so cute

Then the fireworks would start to go off….. no music like they have now…….you could almost here a pin drop just before the first one went off…….

Then boom……….. the ah’s and oh’s came from all over the park. Then another and another…… you could here that “was my favorite” or ” wow, that was so cool”.

You could here the fire crackers going off in between the big fireworks……lady fingers, black cats, M-80’s… a cherry bomb every once in a while.

Man you could tell it was getting close to the grand finale. Fire works were going off quicker and then all of a sudden the sky was filled with amazing colors of all kind…. gold and green are still my favorite.

Then the park lights would come on and it was time to go home. As the families were walking home you could here them talking about how great the day was.

Once we got home, the old man brought out his secret stash and we sat in the backyard lighting the rest of the fireworks.

You heard my story, tell me how you spend the Fourth.

So I wish you and your family a happy Fourth of July.


Coming Event: Mitzvah Mania

Balloons by Absolute Value – “Mad, Spy vs Spy” theme

The place to be for Mitzvah Parents for nine years has been Mitzvah Mania, the largest showcase of it’s kind.

This year, the 10th anniversary, the producers of the show added Wedding vendors to the original concept. Their mission was to better serve the entire Colorado Jewish Community.

Expanding to more lifestyles of the Jewish lifestyle, including weddings, newborn naming and of course Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s.

There are plenty of reasons to attend, but I think the most important one is all the vendors who participate are experienced in providing services for Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s.

This event is free of charge to you the consumer.

All the info:

When: April13, 2014

Times: 1:00 to 4:30

Where: The Inverness Hotel

Address: 200 Inverness Drive West
               Englewood, Co 80112

ps. You don’t have to be Jewish to attend this event, if you are planning an event you are more then welcome.


Coming Event: Metropolitan State University of Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver Open House

There are certain events that Balloons by Absolute Value does that are fun, whimsical, religious, colorful and are for non-profits, corporations, schools and private parties.

Then there are events that we do, that can make an impact on ones life forever. The open house at Metropolitan State University of Denver is one of them.

The details, if you will…..

Who: First time undergraduates, transfer students,
          interested in specific subjects, you & your family.

When:  Saturday, April 5, 2014

Time:   10:00 am to 2:00 pm

The Auraria Campus –  Student Success Building

Why: Learn about the 55 majors and 84 minors offered

         Talk directly with the Professors of these classes. 

         Learn about admission requirements, financial aid,
         and scholarship opportunities.

         Take a campus tour.

How: Show up at the Student Success Building on the
Auraria Campus. No reservations needed. Bring your
previous college transcripts and have your credits
evaluated. It is that easy…hope to see ya there !

Park Free in the parking garage on 7th and Walnut Street.



Springing Forward to Opening Day

Opening Day for 850 KOA Radio Booth – Coors Field

Every year about this time I struggle with the changing of the clocks…..springing forward. I am a terrible sleeper to begin with but that is not what I struggle with.

BASEBALL …. Spring training has long since begun and the regular season is knocking on our door. I am a big fan of the game.

Since I was kid playing sandlot ball and watching the Minneapolis Millers, the Giants minor league team. Sitting in the bleachers with my old man, what a way to spend a day in the sun.

Now I follow all of the teams, but The Twins and The Rockies are two teams that I follow very closely. Last year neither had a good season, in fact it was a toss up who had the worst team or record.

There is nothing like Opening Day, have missed only one Opening Day since the Rockies came to Denver….This year will be the second.

Since the Rockies Organization came up with two bright ideas to be part of Opening Day. I will not be going.

First they came up with a lottery for the chance to buy tickets for this game. I entered and didn’t win the opportunity to buy tickets. Dang !

I wonder if this is legal, thought lotteries were for non-profits and the State of Colorado. All you lawyers out there I would like a legal opinion. Email me with your thoughts.

The second way to go to this game was to buy tickets in mini packages or season tickets. I don’t like being told to go to one game, I have to buy tickets to other games.

Lastly I am not paying scalpers to see a game I should be able to buy tickets at the ticket window at Coors Field.

So I guess I will be turning my radio to 850 KOA and listening to the game this year. A bummer for sure.

Ps. How big a fan am I, I have probably over 500,000 baseball and sports cards. No, I didn’t put them in my spokes as a kid……. snickering now.


Happy New Year – 2014

Ameristar Casino Resort Spa – Black Hawk

Hi and welcome to another year……..2014 should be a great year for most of us…… Though I am not a fortune teller and can’t predict winning lotto numbers, I just have this feeling 2014 is going to be an awesome year.

I am a positive person who loves life. For those who know me, when they ask “How I am doing?” they know what the reply will be.

“Today is the greatest day of my life, I am on this side of the grass”. Truly mean what I say, this will be the 53rd year I start each day saying it to myself while I look in the bathroom mirror.

Try starting each day that way for a month, you will notice that it has improved your attitude towards life….. Simple, but it does work.

Now, I didn’t live this long without great friends and their words of wisdom. Will give you a quote from my friend “The Wonka”. It really doesn’t matter if your glass is half empty or half full….either way there is more room for beer. He too, is a positive person who has been my friend for 30 plus years. Thanks Wonka for being my friend.

I dislike using the term “old friend” cause it makes me and my friends seem like old people…..prefer to use “long time friend”. Notice the difference?

No, New Years Eve Resolutions for me…..not that I am at the ideal weight or that I don’t need to exercise or eat better…..I will try to do better at both, but to often we get caught up in the details and ignore what is real important.

Great friends and to enjoy each day as it comes.

I hope to meet a ton of new friends this year and hope my Maker doesn’t take a bunch of long time friends. So let’s all have a great year……2014 is going to be the one, can feel it in my bones.

The picture above is at the Ameristar Casino Resort Spa in Black Hawk.


Snowman and Holiday Party

                      Snowman and Holiday Party

You know how sometimes you feel that you are the luckiest person on the planet for one reason or another. That is how I feel every day.

For some reason my Maker blessed me with the perfect job for me. A chance to meet great people and to be a part of so many lives, which truly enriches me as a person.

Not all people can say they have the perfect job, maybe not even half the people can say that. But for me being a balloon decorator is totally awesome.

Being a balloon decorator isn’t easy and not always fun, especially when you are getting up at midnight to do balloons for an event that starts at six in the morning.

Then giving up almost every weekend to do events. But, I wouldn’t trade jobs with anyone for any amount of money. It is that special to me.

How many people can say they have built balloon sculpture snowmen or a 15 foot cowboy out of balloons. Not to mention 8 foot long carrots for an Easter celebration for a Senior Retirement Home. They really did the bunny hop, so damn cute.

There are less then a handful of balloon companies that have released 10,000 balloon at an NFL game and my company is one of them. I think of all the Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s or weddings that I have been apart of. The list goes on and on. I am truly blessed.

But the best part of my job, is to meet people like you. You probably don’t realize it, but to share your event and life with me is so very cool. Can’t really express in words just how special you make me feel….it is a lot of warm and fuzzies.

As we are winding down our holiday parties and gearing up for New Year’s Eve little sugar plum fairies are dancing in my head….

Thinking of all of the great events that will be coming in the next year. Every day is like my birthday or Christmas for me. Thanks for giving me that special feeling.

Hope your holiday season is so special. The picture above is one of the holiday parties we did……you should have been there to see the smiles on the little ones faces.


Holiday Season

Menorah – Big Bear Ice Arena

Once again the holiday season is upon us. It seems so different then when I was a kid. I use to look forward to the snow and even the cold, cause Christmas was soon to come.

Today, I really don’t want to see either the snow or cold, but still look forward to the Christmas season though. A long time ago I realized that the holiday season is more then the Christian holiday I grew up with.

Each religion, race and yes, some different cultural customs take place. In Minnesota they have this food, I use the term food loosely……it is called Lutefisk (lye fish – English translation) it takes about 14 days to prepare this properly.

My grand parents would spend 4 or 5 days soaking it in water, changing the water daily then a couple of days soaking it in a mild version of lye to cure the fish. Then of course rinsing it for several more days and then finally preparing it to eat. Sound good so far? Smiling now.

I don’t think there are words to describe the odor accurately. Ten day old smelly socks in a hamper, a garbage dump, dead skunk on the road or even a rodding body can’t come close to the pungent odor Lutefisk has.

Because I am Swedish, Norwegian and Finish I was suppose to have the taste buds for Lutefisk. I might have the taste buds, but my nose was all American and I could never get passed the smell.

I tried to please my grand parents and parents by attempting to eat Lutefisk, but to no avail. Thank God my mom understood and made hot dog for us kids.

Now that is my cultural story for this holiday season. I would love to hear yours.

We had an event that will only happen once in a lifetime. Thanksgivukkah. This year Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah will converge at the same time. The next time it will happen is 79,000 years away. Hope you enjoyed Thanksgivukkah.

The pic above is a Menorah at Big Bear Ice Area celebrating Hanukkah.


May, Our Busiest Month

Boulder High School Prom at the Boulder Theatre

Historically the month of May is always our busiest month. I am so glad for all the great customers who remember us from year to year.  Thank you.

There are so many school related activities that we are so proud to be a part of. Award ceremonies, Proms and After Proms, Continuation ceremonies for elementary and middle schools, and Graduations from high schools and colleges.

Throw in four or five Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, a bunch of corporate events and then the occasional wedding and we are working seven days a week for the entire month.

That means business is good and we at Balloons by Absolute Value “THANK YOU” from the bottom of our hearts. I always have said “that I have the greatest customers in the world”. Without you I would have been out of business a long time ago.

What this also means is you must plan and book ahead for your event. Book the day and we can always figure out what your specific needs are later. Use this web site as your idea book !


Happy New Year !!!

Green Gables Country Club, You will be missed !

I want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year! We welcome in 2013 and hope that it is a better year for all of us.

Now is the time to thank all of my friends and customers for making 2012 a very successful year for us. We had the honor and privilege of once again being a part of so many lives and events, l Thank you !!!

The last week of December is a crazy one for us each year and this years was no different. Planning and organizing for all the balloon drops across the Denver Metro Area is a feat in itself.

We always say a little prayer that their is no snow on the 29th, 30th and 31st. Our prayers were answered.

Balloon drops are not hard to do. Filling the nets with balloons is not hard, piece of cake really.  It is the rigging of the nets that is the time consumer and can cause problems. Because we do a site inspection and plan our rigging points, everything went smoothly again this year.

Though balloon drops are a big part of New Year’s Eve Celebrations, Ceiling balloons with mylar ribbon are also very big hit with many. Ceiling balloons are delivered on the 31st, due to the limited float life of a balloon.

This year like other years, my business resolutions are to provide the best looking balloon decor and service at a affordable price. To meet more of my customers face to face instead of just over the phone. A lot of my customers don’t know what I look like, I hope to change that this year.

I hope you have a great New Year and look forward to meeting with you.


Spotlight on Auld Lang Syne


Balloons cascading down from one of our balloon drops

Well it is almost the end of the year and it won’t be long before we will be counting down the year and the balloons will cascade down from one of our balloon drops that we have hung.

As I am scurrying around with the last minute Christmas shopping, I am reminded that I still have lots to prepare for the end of the year crunch.

You might not know it, but we spend almost as much time preparing for an event as actually doing the event. There is the planning, purchasing of balloons and supplies and naturally scheduling of people and events. For everything to run smoothly we need a lot of help from Mother Nature, no snow storms to slow us down.

In some ways it reminds me of Christmas, checking my list twice, balloons are ordered and nets are made, my staff of elves is all scheduled for the big days to come. Like Santa I have prepared my route for the last days of the year, a big HO, HO here.

Before I close this years blog’s, I want to wish all of you a Happy Holiday and hope to see you next year. From all of us at Balloons by Absolute Value, thanks again for making this a great year.