Decorating Tips

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Spiders Lair
Candy Cauldron

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Scaredy Cat












Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, even better then Christmas. Back in the day, everyone had homemade costumes.

My mom was so creative, she could take a little of this and some of that and all of a sudden I had the coolest costume. She would make paper mache masks and then paint them. Mom was amazing. I always had the best costumes in the neighborhood.

Back in the day we were encouraged to wear our costumes to school. Then that night we would hit every house in a six block radius.

Trick or treating with a pillow case and great friends it didn’t get much better then that. Then I would go home and dump my loot onto the kitchen table.

My old man inspected the candy, before I was allowed to eat any (wink, wink) ….. it was just his excuse to take some of the best candy.

Today Halloween is the second biggest holiday, next to the Christmas season. It also happens to be just as much for grown ups as for kids.

Almost all the costumes today are bought in stores and there is a bigger and better assortment of candy. Haunted houses and adult parties are super big and can be real scary. I almost forgot the Monster Ball Bash.

Balloons by Absolute Value has designed special Halloween centerpieces, balloon sculptures and the coolest spider balloon drop ever. See more Halloween centerpieces under the centerpiece tab on my website. Happy Halloween


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Ceiling Balloons for Brody Bar Mitzvah

Have you ever been to an event and you knew something was missing? But you couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong.

It is like the elephant is in the room but no one dares say a thing because the rest of the decor is unbelievable.

Beautiful centerpieces, entry way decor awesome, key stations accented, up lighting on the perimeter walls, Dee Jay equipment is a big deal….. but yet there is still something missing.

What is it, as you think to yourself… Then it dawns on you. The vast empty space for the most of the night in the center of the room……….The dance floor.

An easy and inexpensive cure to that problem is ceiling balloons with mylar ribbon streamers. It gives that zip, piz-zazz or flair, when the lights bounce off the mylar ribbon, giving an almost dazzling effect all night long.

I told you that it was fairly inexpensive….. a balloon occupies one square foot of space. So all you have to do is measure the width and length of the area of your dance floor and then multiply the two…

That will give you the total square feet of your area.

Balloon decor looks best when there is negative space around it. So take your total number of square feet and reduce it by ten (10) percent. Now that will be the number of balloons you need to order.

Think how great your next event or gala will be with ceiling balloons filling up the empty space called a dance floor.




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Desserts by La Vie Catering

I have many friends within the hospitality industry and one of them is Mary Fabrikant. Mary owns La Vie and Canteen Catering.

A client ordered balloons to be delivered to Herzel / RAMA school lots of years ago. Sidebar, Herzel / RAMA is now Denver Jewish Day School for your information.

That is where I met Mary, she is smart, funny, good looking, and a great cook. I instantly liked her, no she didn’t give me a brownie or a donut. There was just something or things that I really liked about her.

After making several deliveries to Herzel… we became friends and we were talking about Mitzvah’s and Kiddush meals.

She was in a Jewish school and I thought I would see her doing more Kiddush and Mitzvah’s. She did too and couldn’t figure why she didn’t get more gigs.

Which set me to thinking why this talented cook wasn’t doing more Jewish events… Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, it was her company name, Canteen Catering.

This isn’t meant to offend my Jewish friends…..but no self respecting Jewish mom would ever announce to her friends that the caterer to her special event was Canteen Catering.

Sounds like the catering company from Coors Field, the Pepsi Center or Sports Authority Field…. right. Mentioned it to Mary and she talked it over with her husband.

They came up with a new name especially for catered events…… La Vie …….sounds special, Huh Now I can’t take credit for the name, but I can for getting Mary to think about it. Cute story, right.

So when you’re thinking about a caterer think about my friend Mary Fabrikant and La Vie Catering.

Told you Mary was a smart lady, she thinks outside of the box. She called me one day and wanted a special look to display her delicious desserts.

Mary just described what she wanted over the phone and the picture above is how it came out….. A spectacular look for some great tasting desserts at the Jewish Community Center.

I did sample some desserts there and took some home in a people bag……yummy, yummy


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 New Life Community Church of Aurora

Balloons by Absolute Value is always looking for fresh new decorating items for our customers. Once again we were the first in the State of Colorado to introduce a new, cool, and different type of balloon to you, Deco Links.

New Life Community Church of Aurora was looking for something that would fit their new sermon series titled “Unleashed”. It was to be used in their concluding or last in the series of interesting sermons.

New Life used chain links in black and green for all their promotional material. When they called me they were thinking on the lines of using 260q’s, the balloons, twisters use to make funny animals and hats to form their chain links.

I just saw a promotional piece from one of my suppliers that fit their needs perfectly. It was the Deco Links mylar balloon. It came in the exact colors they were using for all of their other promotional material.

Next was an exchange of emails with pictures of the Deco Links in black and green. We calculated the number of links required and the rest is history. A great looking swag, that was easy to hang. Eye candy for sure. 

Deco links come in a wide array of colors: black, blue, gold, green, magenta, purple, red, silver and white.

The Deco Links are easy to use, can be either air or Helium filled and present a powerful “WOW” statement. A great use would be an arch or in this case a swag. Think how you can use this new balloon in your decor.


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Mylar Letters used at Stephen’s Bar Mitzvah

Megaloon mylar letters have been around for a bunch of years in silver and gold only. They also have a product line of numbers in more colors: blue, gold, pink, purple, red and silver.

You might have seen them used for Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, proms, graduations and corporate events. They really added the wow factor to any event. Balloons by Absolute Value was the first to bring them to the Denver area.

The letters and numbers are 36 inches high and the width varies with each letter and number….Most are 24 inches wide.

After a lot of requests by balloon decorators world wide asking the balloon manufactures for more color choices.

Someone finally listened, a manufacture named Northstar Balloons recently announced new color choices available beginning the first of January.

The new colors announced and available for balloon decorators and you the customer are blue, gold, magenta, purple, silver, red and silver for both letters and numbers.

Black is also available only in numbers and there is a limited letters that are available in a zebra print.

To be honest with you I don’t stock all the colors from Northstar balloons. I will special order these colors for your event and it takes about 5 working days to have them delivered. Of course if it is an emergency I can have them shipped overnight….but it will cost you… plan ahead.


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 Verizon Wireless at Sports Authority Field at Mile High

One of the major challenges for some events is what do I do with the super high ceilings. I have heard this time and time again, “the ceilings make my event look like it’s being held in a barn”

The trick is in fooling the eyes of your guests. Have them see what you want them to see, creating an illusion so to speak.

There are many ways to do this, super size your centerpieces, using balloon swags or in this case using string-of-pearl arches.

So which one do I choose…..lots of variables are to be considered, the two main ones are cost and how high is the ceiling.

The picture above is at Sports Authority Field at Mile High East Club House where the ceilings are one of the highest in the metro area.

We couldn’t have used balloon swags because we couldn’t have reached the ceilings even with a lift. Thought about using super sized centerpieces, but we were already using a lot of floor bouquets.

String-of-pearl arches were the natural choice. Fairly economical, no need for a lift and it created the illusion of the decor being part of the ceiling. Cutting the ceiling height in half.

For this event we also used a term called “Blocking”. Blocking is simply using solid colors. In this case each strand of the string-of-pearls was one color. This tricks the eye into seeing more of something then is really there.

You might try this “blocking” trick on centerpieces. Using solid color centerpieces instead of mixing colors…. it really does work.

I hope you picked up on these tips this month, they really do create magic for rooms with high ceilings.


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Balloon Icicles – Keystone Resort

Wow, that was the heard over and over again when Balloons by Absolute Value decorated this event.

Balloon Icicles hanging from the ceiling was a major visual for all the guests who attended this event held at the Keystone Resort.

We had only finished half of the room when our client walked in and said “Oh, My God” they are absolutely perfect for my event……..

When we were finished she walked in with her boss and he couldn’t believe it……Just shaking his head and saying “these are totally awesome”. Repeating it a lot of times, still shaking his head with approval.

He then walked around the room giving my crew high fives and telling them there would be something extra in their paychecks for this………and there was a nice bonus for all of us.

So now, think outside of the box for your next holiday party and get the same reaction my client in Keystone did..


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                      Giant Clouds with Tulle

Did you know that August is the second biggest month for weddings? Well it is, right behind the month of June.

Picking the right wedding decor is not always an easy task. Lots of decisions need to be made; color, style, size and of course budget are just some of them.

You know that old expression, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”. Women generally prefer something soft and frilly and men want something other then that……smiling as I just wrote that.

Giant Clouds with Tulle is a perfect solution to both worlds. The tulle in this decor gives the bride that soft frilly look, while the giant 3 foot balloon satisfies that manly big is better mentality…..still smiling big time.

Seriously, Giant Clouds with Tulle can be placed almost any where at the wedding reception……giving an elegant, yet simple but sophisticated look at the same time.

Along side of the head table, at entrance points, behind the cake table or to frame the dance floor or Dee Jay. The Giant Cloud with Tulle can fill all your needs without breaking the budget.

So call or email me and I will be glad to give you a free consultation on your wedding décor.


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Almost everyday I am explaining the types of balloons to a new customer, so I thought I would write about it here.

There are basically two types of balloons, latex or mylar.

Mylar balloons are sometimes called foil balloons. These balloons are generally used in bouquets and contain a message like Happy Birthday or Get Well.

A shaped item, like a cartoon character or a baseball are generally a mylar balloon also. On my web site you will see individual letters or numbers and these are mylar balloons.

Will go onto latex balloons now. There are 4 basic groups:

1) Standard & Fashion Tones, you can’t see through them.

2) Jewel Tones are transparent, you can see through them. Are shiney and bright.

3) Pearl Tones have a Micah finish and you can’t see through them. They aren’t quite as shiny as the others.

4) Neon balloons glow under a black light. They also have
     more of a faded look to them.

On my web site there is a color chart with each group or type of balloon. I try to stay within the groups listed above, but there is no rule you can’t mix or match a balloon from another group to get the desired balloon colors you desire.

I hope this helps you understand the types of balloon, but if not, give me a call and I will try to explain it better.