Idea of the Month

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Loopity Loops Centerpieces

There are venues that constantly challenge balloon companies such as Balloons by Absolute Value. For the most part they are places that don’t allow Helium balloons for one reason or another.

Wings Over the Rockies and Temple Emanuel are two that come to mind. Wings has extremely high ceilings and if a Helium balloon gets loose, it could stay in the rafters for months.

Temple Emanuel when they remodeled their social hall a bunch of years ago. They placed sensors near the ceiling, that when broken by smoke or an errant balloon the fire department is automatically called. Fire trucks and firemen are not a good thing for an event, not to mention the irritating sound of a fire alarm.

I understand their reasoning plus most of the other venues that don’t allow helium balloons. So my task is to design new centerpieces and other decor that uses only air-filled balloons.

The task is to design and make something that is affordable, attractive and unique. One of the things about using air-filled balloons, is each centerpiece is unique, no two are exactly alike.

My tendencies are to make asymmetrical designs and then combine something symmetrical to incorporated with my design elements. The reason, is most people like symmetrical things; square, round or same height. That kind of thing.

Today’s new design is called Loopity Loops. The name came from an old carney ride, Loop de Loop. It uses 260Q balloons to create the loops. Which are then twisted together to make the Loopity Loops.

Color choice is yours, you can have lots of colors with this design or a minimum of two colors. In this case my client wanted blue, red and yellow.

We then added different size 11 inch balloons at the top and bottom as well as ribbon to give the symmetry look that most people love.

All of this is a attached to a stanchion. Overall height is a little over six feet tall. So the next time you are at a venue that does not allow Helium balloons, think of the Loopity Loop Centerpiece. They can also be used to decorated a stage or entrance to your event.



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Spiders Lair
Candy Cauldron

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Scaredy Cat












Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, even better then Christmas. Back in the day, everyone had homemade costumes.

My mom was so creative, she could take a little of this and some of that and all of a sudden I had the coolest costume. She would make paper mache masks and then paint them. Mom was amazing. I always had the best costumes in the neighborhood.

Back in the day we were encouraged to wear our costumes to school. Then that night we would hit every house in a six block radius.

Trick or treating with a pillow case and great friends it didn’t get much better then that. Then I would go home and dump my loot onto the kitchen table.

My old man inspected the candy, before I was allowed to eat any (wink, wink) ….. it was just his excuse to take some of the best candy.

Today Halloween is the second biggest holiday, next to the Christmas season. It also happens to be just as much for grown ups as for kids.

Almost all the costumes today are bought in stores and there is a bigger and better assortment of candy. Haunted houses and adult parties are super big and can be real scary. I almost forgot the Monster Ball Bash.

Balloons by Absolute Value has designed special Halloween centerpieces, balloon sculptures and the coolest spider balloon drop ever. See more Halloween centerpieces under the centerpiece tab on my website. Happy Halloween


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Flower Balloon Sculptures for Milobsky Bat Mitzvah

Though it is to late in the real gardening season to plant flowers. It is never to late to brighten up a party or in this case a Bat Mitzvah with Balloon Flower Sculptures.

Another great customer of Balloons by Absolute Value didn’t see exactly what she wanted on our website. So she requested some brightly colored flower balloon sculptures for her daughters Bat Mitzvah.

So we made a prototype for her and she loved the design, but I had made the flower petals in the wrong color. Her daughters favorite color is …….. hot pink. That was an easy change for us to make.

The balloon flower sculptures pictured are air filled and require a stanchion to hold the petals and stem upright. Air filled balloons insure a long lasting display. These will last for days without watering, giggling now.

The balloon flower sculptures are waiting in this case on chairs to be planted ( displayed) because the tables weren’t quite ready for them.

We had other events that day and left the placement of the centerpieces in the capable hands of Bliss Catering.

You will just have to take the word of my client that “They looked absolutely awesome on the table as centerpieces”.


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Lisette Lederman Bat Mitzvah / Marriott Lone Tree

Today I will tell you a short story on how to plan, listen and adapt. These are keys to a successful event.

Those who know me well, know that I like certain things in my life and decor. Bold, bright, colorful, asymmetrical, fun, whimsical, elegant and clean lines.

When I meet with a new client, I listen to what they want and try to incorporate my likes into their decor. Usually most people like the same things, except they like symmetrical over asymmetrical.

I met a really nice lady named Lisette Lederman, who was planning her daughters Bat Mitzvah. I have to tell ya I was fairly honest almost to the point of being brutally honest with Lisette as she told me her ideas.

She was a real trooper and listened to my ideas….. I want always the very best for events that I am involved with. She could tell that I really cared that it was to be so special for her. She took a bunch of notes to follow up with.

After many hours of meetings on the phone and in person we came up with a great plan……Have to tell you Lisette, put forth a lot of effort in making this event a classy, fun event.

Her theme was travel, in particular to places that they had been or dreamed of going. So we used 3 foot giant balloons that were imprinted like a globe. We attached the globe balloons to her centerpieces from around the world that Lisettte shopped for.

The theme and balloons matched perfectly….. Interestingly we had a classy, elegant, bold, bright, colorful and symmetrical event, but not surprising are plan worked beautifully.

Her guests had a magical night and I swear Lisette’s was the happiest camper I have seen in a very long time. Big high five to you Lisette.

So my idea of the month is to keep an open mind while listening. Don’t be afraid to adjust or adapt your plan. Then make your plan work. Call us, we will be all to happy to listen and help you make your plans come to life.



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                  Bunny Sculpture

Easter is a couple weeks away and it reminds me of good times as a kid and a parent. The Easter Bunny delivered all sorts of candies and of course we had to have an Easter egg hunt for our family.

Dying hard boiled eggs and creating the new Easter Egg was so cool. Isn’t it funny how coloring or painting an ordinary white egg can make it an Easter Egg. A true family event for sure. Even my old man got caught up into coloring a special egg to find.

Easter is also very special for Balloons by Absolute Value, because the Easter Bunny was one of our first balloon sculptures that we ever created.

Contacted by a nearby hotel to created an eye catching balloon sculpture to bring attention to their Easter Brunch. The sculpture was to be fun, whimsical, long lasting and eye candy for sure.

We built our Easter Bunny balloon sculpture and it generated more excitement and buzz then the hotel anticipated. Balloons by Absolute Value continue to create our Easter Bunny balloon sculpture for nine more years until they tore the hotel down.

Question of the week: What is your favorite Easter Candy? Mine hands down our Peeps…..any shape or color.


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                   Cupcake Balloon Sculpture

It is no secret that one of the things that keep me excited about my business is the requests and challenges my customers bring to me.

That old age…….”Let them eat cake” . A mitzvah mom wasn’t thinking quite like that, but she wanted a large cupcake balloon sculpture for her daughters Bat Mitzvah.

My team of crack designers and I sat down and put are heads together and thought how was the best way to make a cupcake sculpture with balloons.

Lots of things to consider……size and being able to transport our finished product easily were our prime concerns. We wouldn’t be able to totally build one from scratch at the event site, the allotted set-up time frame made this impossible.

Unlike in real life, there isn’t a recipe to make a balloon cupcake… no Betty Crocker or Heinz out of the box ingredients either.

Like most of us we used skills and techniques from building things that we have done before. The tricky part of making a cupcake balloon sculpture is that it is circular and must nestle together nicely…….no big gaps.

The technique we used is called “square packing” with two different size balloons in each balloon garland. Sounds strange doesn’t it, using a technique named “square packing” to create a circular object. But it really is how we built it.

I hope you enjoyed our cupcake….the frosting looks good enough to eat ……… right? Now, if you have something you want to challenge us with, we will be more then happy to make it for you. 


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Every year we are asked to do a Patriotic Theme Party. In the past we have created the American Flag Arch and awesome looking patriotic centerpieces. You can see these creations under the Arches and Centerpieces tab on our web site.

This year we were asked to create balloon columns to be placed at various locations through out the event. At the entrance to the ballroom, focal points inside the event and as a back drop on the stage.

Pictured above are two 6 foot helium filled columns, topped with an American Flag mylar balloon. These columns can also be air-filled with a stanchion to hold them upright in non-helium venues.

So when you’re thinking about your next patriotic theme party call us and we will be glad to sit down with you and help you create that party where everyone will just say “WOW”



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Snowflake Balloon Sculpture

The first taste of old man winter has finally hit the Denver Metro area. Not to much snow this time, but it sure is cold. Real winter is soon to follow and lots of snow for sure.

Which reminds me of a ski convention that Balloons by Absolute Value did not too long ago at the convention center in Downtown Denver.

Anyone who has attended the convention center for an event knows the ceilings are extremely high and the room is super sized.

Our task was to make the room more friendly and not look like a big barn. Balloons by Absolute Value provided snowflake balloon sculptures to be hung from the ceilings. Not small flakes, but very large ones.

The picture above shows a 24 foot by 24 foot snowflake, just 1 of the 24 snowflakes provided by Balloons by Absolute Value. Which was pure eye candy for our client and those attending the convention.

Now that’s one snowflake I would hate to catch on my tongue…….smiling big time now.


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Spider Balloon Drop

Halloween …….. is a Spooktacular Day and is my favorite holiday by far. Goes back to when I was a young pup growing up in Minneapolis.

Everyone dressed up in home made costumes and went Trick or Treating through out the neighborhood. We would grab our pillow cases and form a group of goblins, ghosts, cowboys, Indians, soldiers, princesses, devils, bums and witches and go door to door…… parents on the street, just us kids……

Things have changed over the years………Halloween is the second biggest holiday, only Christmas is bigger. Halloween is no longer for kids. It is a major party day for adults. Think it is because all of us had such a great time as kids. What do you think?

Each year Balloons by Absolute Value does at least one grand Halloween party. We have created ghosts, witches, Jack-O-Lanterns, scarecrows and Frankenstein to name just some of the unique décor.

But my favorite thing to do is to provide a Spider Shaped Balloon Drop. The legs of the Spider usually span the entire width of the ballroom.

The body is the balloon drop, usually 24 feet long and 6 feet wide. Containing 500 black and clear balloons with Spider imprints on them. The head is a 3 foot black balloon with yellow or red eyes. 

Then at the bewitching hour, usually midnight, the Spider’s balloon (drop) body opens and gives birth to 500 baby spiders cascading on the costumed guests below. It’s a happening not to be missed. 

So maybe this year you can make your Halloween Party even more Spooktacular with a Spider Balloon Drop. Give us a call and let’s explore it happening for you.