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Gabby Krause Gala – Wings Over the Rockies

The Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum located at the former Lowry Air Force Base, is a very cool place to visit or hold an event….exact address is 7711 E. Academy Blvd.

On display year around are over 4 dozen airplanes from different eras. Gliders to jet powered airplanes are all on display……Space capsules, the new frontier is also there for you to look at.

A well educated and informed staff is there to answer any questions you might have. On certain days you can actually sit and pretend you are the pilot by sitting in the cockpit of selected planes. Call Wings for days and times.

Wings Over the Rockies can hold very large events in the spacious heated hanger. A list of approved vendor is available on request. Free parking is also available.

Sadly, Helium balloons or decor is not allowed, which is the only downside that I know of at the Wings. Alternative air-filled balloons decor is allowed however.The above photo of the Gabby Krause Foundation Gala is just one example of what is allowed. Check out the before and after photos of the Gabby Krause event. It is under the Cool Decor tab.

If you have any questions on what balloon decor is allowed, just email or call me.


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Start of the Donor Dash

Each year I am involved in lots of events that tug at my heart. Lots of different reasons for that……but none the less, tears are shed along with some big smiles.

The Donor Dash is one of those events. It is put on by the Donor Alliance. You know, the people who are responsible for collecting and redistributing donated organs.

That may not be the best or politically correct way of saying it, but that is what they do. Literally thousand of lives are saved and other lives are enriched by the kindest of people donating body parts of loved ones.

The Donor Dash is held at Wash Park each year to raise money and remember loved ones who have donated organs so others may have a better life.

The photo above is the start of this years race on July 13th

ps. If you aren’t an organ donor already, sign up to be one the next time your at the DMV….. It is worth the time of a special trip, believe me.


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Balloon Topiaries – Nick’s Garden Center

I like shopping in places that treat me right. A place where they walk the talk about customer service. That is Nick’s Gardens Center at 2001 S. Chambers Road in Aurora.

There is a reason why I am a Balloon Guy, cause I have the biggest brown thumb in the world. That doesn’t matter to the fine staff at Nick’s, they have given me tips on the right plants that even I can grow.

Nick’s has one of the largest selections of plants, trees, planting materials and just plain cool stuff. My old man told me when I was a pup “Every ones hand fits a shovel and a rake”. Great words of wisdom.

There prices are hard to beat too…… Buy quality for just a few more pennies or dollars……it is worth the price.

You might not know this, but Nick’s gives back to the community in several ways. First they have a customer appreciate weekend, they appreciate customers all year long, but they have one weekend they make sure you’re aware your appreciated.

Another is they have a Race for the Cure promotion in July where dollars raised go to the fight against Breast Cancer. A cause dear to my heart.

They also do a lot of things unseen and unheralded for the community….so please shop Nick’s Gardens

The photo above are Balloon Topiaries for the Race for the Cure promotion…….another pic of Balloon Columns can be found on my web site under the Columns tab.


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                         Arch at the Undy5000

One of the most unique run / walk races in Denver is the Undy5000. A 5k race created by the Colon Cancer Alliance is going to be held at City Park on June 22nd.

Walkers and runners are encouraged to wear their boxers to bring attention to the area affected by Colon Cancer.

This unique, family-friendly event raises funds and awareness, while also celebrating survivors and honoring the loved ones we’ve lost to this disease.

Pictured is the arch created by Balloons by Absolute Value for the start of the race. Hope to see you at this years race.


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Megaloon Letters at the Comedy Works/Landmark
See more photos of our décor under the Cool Décor Tab 

We all have our favorite places to eat, drink or go for a good time. There are places I like to decorate for various reasons. I am going to share one of those places this month with you.

It is the Comedy Works / Landmark, located just south of Belleview and west of I-25 by a of couple blocks, in Greenwood Village. It might be a little hard to find the first time, but it is well worth checking out for your event.

Why do I like working there, it is clean, well laid out and the people there are super. Two of the staff, Anna Stemple and Aubrey Franklin I have know for over 10 years. They are true professionals as well as the rest of the staff.

The Comedy Works is laid out in three separate areas. The upper area for tables, a lower area that has a dance floor and can be also used for tables. Then there is a very large outdoor patio.

It is perfect for Mitzvahs, Weddings or Corporate events. It has a great view of the city, well maintained and the staff is friendly, courteous and professional. I give this venue a 5 star rating.

When you speak to them, say “HI” for me. Tell them I sent you!


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Capitol Hill Peoples’ Fair / Broadway and 14th

In the summer time in Denver there are so many things to do….the summer really kicks off each year with the Capitol Hill Peoples’ Fair held at Civic Center Park.

There is something for everyone; live music, arts and crafts, food and beverage. So much to see and do, you can’t really see it all in one day.

Spend a little or spend a lot it doesn’t matter, but you have to spend at least one day at the Capitol Hill Peoples’ Fair.

The pic above is one of the largest balloon arches in Denver each year…..spanning Broadway at 14th. Another cool event done by Balloons by Absolute Value.


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Women’s Crisis & Family Center

Douglas County Fairgrounds
See the before picture under the Centerpiece Tab 

Like most of you, I have never hit a women or my kids. But there is an ever growing population that does. Why, I have no idea, I just don’t get this need to strike out and hit someone.

However there is a bigger problem of taking or stripping away a persons dignity or self worth, sometimes in big chunks, but usually in bits and pieces. It is a verbal form of taking away your pride and ego making you feel worthless.

Now I am not on my soapbox, rather pointing out there is an organization that can help, the Women’s Crisis and Family Center, located in Douglas County.

Years ago, I got a call asking if I deliver and decorate in Castle Rock, the answer was “Yes”. Like most non-profits they had little or no budget, but they had a huge venue to decorate, the Douglas County Fairgrounds Building.

Having been there before, I knew this was a clean, fairly new building with extremely high ceilings and minimal decor. A big metal barn if you will.

So I suggested to her a couple of ideas. Most were way out of their budget, but after hearing what this organization did, I gave them a great deal.

Ooops! This is about them, not my decor.

The WCFOC has a mission or vision, “The ultimate vision, is to assist in ending the violence in all people’s life”

They have such alarming statistics on all forms of violence to women, men, seniors and children. See violence hits every demographic, some more then others. A growing trend is more violence against Seniors.

The people who work there are dedicated to reducing domestic violence and family conflict through prevention, intervention, education and empowerment.

I hope you will do a Google search, go to their web site and learn what you can do to help the Women’s Crisis and Family Center. This is another event, I hope never to do again, cause we solved the problem of domestic violence.


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Denver Broncos Cheerleader Tryouts – Colorado Heights

In my opinion, The Denver Broncos Football Club is in a class all by itself, not just in Denver, but in the entire sports world.

It starts at the top with the owner Mr. Pat Bowlen and funnels downward to every employee in the organization. Top shelf all the way.

There is a very special lady I met lots of years ago, her name is Teresa Shear. An attractive, smart, caring and funny lady who I think is like a Peyton Manning in many ways. A true field general.

Teresa is the Director of Game Day Entertainment at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. For every Denver Bronco home game she is responsible for the pre-game and half time entertainment which is not an easy job by any means.

A true leader, she has learned to delegate and give responsibilities to others and she has been known to adjust on a dime. Teresa is very detail oriented, things are planned down to the minute. That’s why you see a quality product at each game.

She is also “The Head Cheerleader”, making sure that Denver has the best cheerleading squad in all of sport. Each year the cheerleaders have tryouts and then the final squad selection takes place by a panel of judges.

To be a cheerleader you have to be smart, articulate, big personality, dedicated and of course be athletic and good looking. No easy task for the panel of judges each year. Maybe one day she will let me be a judge. Laughing now, cause I have asked for that job for lots of years.

Teresa is a committed person in all realms of her life, her job, community, friends and blessed with a great daughter (Tate) and husband. When Teresa walks into a room the place lights up. I am proud to call her my friend.


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Balloons by Absolute Value booth – Mitzvah Mania

Mitzvah Mania is a once a year event for Jewish families whose son’s or daughter’s are going to have a Mitzvah in the near future.

It is a fun filled event, where vendors who are experts in their field, showcase their profession. One stop shopping if you will.

You might need a venue, caterer, balloon decor, florist, DJ, face painter, novelties, a baker, a photographer, invitations, air-brushed T-shirts, photo booth, party planner or videographer.  All this and so much more, all in one place.

I have participated in this event since the very beginning and have been so fortunate to meet a lot of great people. I look forward to this event every year to see old friends and meet new ones. Hope to see you there !

So plan on coming, March 17, 2013 to the Hyatt Tech Center, bring the whole family. It’s FREE.

Ps. Planning an event and your not Jewish, your more then welcome to come too.